Monday, September 2, 2013

A Labor Day to Remember

 Everyone was up early today so we decided to go for a family jog!
Brady pushed the boys in the stroller and Brynlee and I ran after them.
We could smell the beginning of autumn in the nice cool morning air
three beautiful bucks ran across the road in front of us and made dad's heart beat a little faster!
We ran across Hog Hallow, down the hill and across Westfield road which happens to be one of my favorite streets because it is lined with horse pastures, beautiful green fields and trees. Then we started the climb back up Pfeifferhorn and around to Matterhorn again.
 We were enjoying being outside and feeling those good exercise endorphins running through us so much that when we reached our driveway we decided to ditch the stroller, grab the camera and head up the hill for a little hike.
We barely made it out of the driveway and the boys were already stopping to smell the flowers! :)
 Nash also stopped to tell Shadow hello
 Some beautiful storm clouds came rolling in so we stopped for a picture with them too!

 I love watching our children run wild and free!
It is such a blessing to be able to enjoy the beauty that is all around us!

 What a view! We could tell it was going to be a great day!
 Even with all of her arthritis Cassie girl made the climb.
She wasn't about to miss out on the fun and we're glad she didn't!
After we got home we hurried to get the yard work and our chores done so we could head up to Strawberry Reservoir for some more fun.
 Brady and I have a special hunt planned for this fall so we did a little bit of target shooting.

The children found lots of ways to keep entertained! 

A favorite of the boys was throwing rocks in the water!
 Brynlee went to work taking beautiful pictures.
Turns out she is a great photographer!
Here are some of her pictures...

 The boys REALLY wanted to have their picture taken with me!

Everything was going great until dad got a little too close to the scope on his muzzle loader!
That thing kicks hard! Luckily he is tough (and a good sport to let Bryn take pictures!)
After that we made our way out to the water...
 Bryn caught the first and biggest fish of the day!
She likes fish in the water much better than on the boat! 

Ridge gets SO excited when its his turn to reel a fish in!
I still haven't figured out what it is about fish that makes those boys so happy but whatever it is,
it works! Look at those happy faces!
 Nash didn't have the best luck this trip, his fish kept getting off. 
That's okay though because he likes to sit on my lap and help me drive the boat!
It was such a beautiful evening! I really should have taken more pictures. Strawberry is amazing! Just before the sun set the water got really calm and glassy and we could see big black storm clouds and lightening off in the distance. As we pulled the boat out we watched a group of mama deer and their babies eating the grass and drinking at a spot where there was a little inlet. The sun set as we drove down the canyon into Heber. By the time we started down Provo canyon the sky was black and an amazing lightening show began. Everything would be black and then all of the sudden the sky would light up and the rugged silhouette of the mountains would appear in the sky for just an instant before it all went dark again!
God makes the most amazing shows ever!
The kids fell peacefully asleep in the back seat while Brady and I listened to Unchained Melody, Stand By Me, and a bunch of "our songs". By the time we got to Provo it was pouring rain.
It was so romantic that I decided to tell Brady all about the book "Jane Eyre" that I recently read and loved! I did my best to describe it to him, but how can you explain a masterpiece in twenty minutes?!
He mostly just rolled his eyes at me which made me laugh because it looked so funny with a big band-aid stuck between them! Eventually we made it home put the kids to bed and glued his cut closed but you can see why I needed to blog about it so quickly! It was an awesome day!

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