Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Can you believe it?!
It's hard to believe our Brynlee cakes is in 2nd grade!
Time flies!
But Bryn is a little smarty and is so ready to be back in school!
 The boys weren't very excited about her leaving for school...
Sad day for them loosing their leader of all thing fun, good thing school doesn't last all day!

Cassie likes school too!
My favorite part of the first day of school: Milk n' cookies tell me all about it time!
Bryn was so happy to report that not only is her teacher the oldest teacher in the school, but the nicest too! (Funny story: We went to the school to find out who Brynlee's teacher was, not knowing any of the 2nd grade teachers at all, not even their names. We found her name on the list under Mrs. Alldredge. As we were walking away Bryn said, "I am so lucky! I always get the teacher I want!"
Me:"Maybe your lucky because you always want what you get."
Bryn:"Mom, that makes no sense at all!"
Hopefully someday it will!
One of my favorite quotes is "Happiness isn't about getting what you want, its about wanting what you get."
I digress, now back to Mrs. Alldredge...
She sent Bryn home with a fun M&M game to play to help her tell me all about the first day.
Brynlee is so excited that her teacher has a lot of cats just like Nana! One of them is even going to have kittens that her teacher might bring to class....if that doesn't get you excited for school I don't know what will! =)

Now you are really not going to believe it because
our Nashie baby is in kindergarten!
Maybe I should stop calling him that.
As you can see, he was thrilled to get his picture taken
I couldn't beg or bribe him to smile.
Once going to school was on his mind that is all he wanted to do!
And he wanted to wear his crown to school.
Ridge and I took him so I could see his classroom and meet his new teachers. He is going to a small group kindergarten that is not at our home school.
When we got there all of the little kindergarteners were playing on the playground outside the classroom doors waiting for the teachers to come. The boys jumped right in the mix. At first it was sweet to watch them, but then I started to have a panic attack.
How could I leave him at the strange school we had never been to with teachers that I had never met?! How could I leave him there without his big sister being just across the hall?!
It was really hard for me!
 We met the teachers and they seemed nice but I stuck around as long as I could.
Finally after they told me twice I could leave I did.
It wasn't a happy ride for me or Ridge!
Ridge cried and cried that he wanted to go to school with Nash and I cried because I hated leaving my baby on his own! I didn't expect it to be so hard for me to let Nash go to kindergarten especially since he went to three years of preschool! It shouldn't be anything new but I hadn't realized how having Brynlee there at the same school, looking in on him every once in awhile and giving me updates all the time about what she saw him doing had been so important!
I need to make friends with some kids at his school who can tell me what he does there!
By the time his bus brought him home I was so relieved!
He made it through the day and came home with a smile on his face!

Ridge was so happy to see him!
They yelled each others names and hugged for like at least a full minute!
It was like he just got back from a two year mission or something!

It makes me so happy that they love each other so much!
 So my new plan is to hold Nash back next year and then send Ridge to school a year early so they can be in the same grade! Just kidding but that would be awesome!

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alison said...

i was thinking about you this morning and wondering how you are doing...love all these posts. you have such a darling family and are an amazing mother. sure miss you guys!