Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grandma Merrill's 80th

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma! Hope you enjoyed your Oprah show!

Oprah and Grandma

Cutest Boys in the audience

Sandra Bullock and her pilot

Dr. Oz and Zack teaching us about IBS

Hula Brynlee

Stringing Joey on the violin (You're so good Joey that was awesome!)

Guy and Minute to Win It

With lots of fun games

Jennika won all the prizes

Tyler trying to shake a cotton ball off his nose

Dr. Phil helping to make peace in the fam

Oprah's book of the month (Mardee you better get a copy of it!)

Little Dancers

Rachel Ray and helpers making a sugar free B-day cake for Grandma

and a sugar cake for Tiff's Birthday

Sugar Free Carrot Cake

And Yummy Chocolate Cake! Thanks for participating in the show everyone!

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