Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring Fishing

Brady took Brynlee and Nash on a fishing date a couple Saturdays ago. They had a blast! The kids love fishing with Brady. Brynlee caught a fish on her Barbie fishing pole and reeled it in all by herself, Brady caught the whole thing on the video camera. She was pretty excited! Here are the pictures he took.

Bynlee was also excited about the bag of blue Skittles dad gave her!

Nash cracks me up! Here he is wondering when he's going to get a bite on his line!

The proud fisher woman!
And yes, that is the top of Cassie's head, of course she went with them!

Brynlee named her fish "Pot of Gold" because it was a rainbow and that's what you find at the end of the rainbow. Makes sense right?

They kept it because Brynlee said she would eat it but when we cooked it she wouldn't even try it so Brady had to eat the entire fish, good thing it was small!

Nash is just wishing it was his fish!

They had so much fun Brynlee is still telling everyone about it!

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