Friday, December 31, 2010

Bowling Out the Old Year

This was the kids first time bowling, so as you can imagine it was quite exciting with lots of clapping and cheering every time the ball rolled down the lane regardless of whether or not it hit any pins!
She's a natural bowler

Nash thought it was way better than rolling cans of corn across the kitchen floor.

He even got a strike rolling it off of this thing

Miemie striking a pose

the big Mister and little Misters

I think we've found a new favorite family activity


Karla Christiansen said...

Fun times! Jake loves bowling too; must be the combination of pop, balls, and music! Your kids are so cute. We enjoyed getting your Christmas card. So glad to be on the list even if we are so far away!

Janette Allen said...

Oh Andrea we just loved seeing all these darling darling pictures!!! I love the music that goes with it all too! Such a sweet effect! Your home looks so beautiful too! The kids are just precious. I so loved the boys napping pictures as well. Brylee is such a little doll. Man Ridge isn't a baby at all anymore....where did the time go?