Saturday, August 27, 2011

State Fair

We always look forward to the petting zoo part of the fair, the kids were so excited to see the animals! Brynlee loved feeding them grain. Nash loved feeding them grain, grass or whatever he could find, if he couldn't find anything he just let them suck his fingers. Ridge loved the idea of feeding them until they got too close to his hands.
Nash was ecstatic about the cow I think it was his favorite because he kept talking about it over and over, "Mom, cow mooo!! Moooo!!" And every time we tried to leave he would run back over to it.

It's so fun to see how excited the kids are about the animals, they are pretty cute (both the kids and the animals). Ridge was so excited he really wanted to pet them but he was very cautious.

We also enjoyed the Ham Bone racing, great red-neck entertainment!

Brynlee's favorite was the sea lion show

And just like with every other animal she sees, now she would really like to have a sea lion someday!

I told her she could take as many pictures of the sea lions as she wanted instead of actually having one, she got some good pictures!

Nash loves animals and they love him!

Brynlee showed us how responsible she would be if she had a pony, she'd comb its hair just like this everyday!

Hip hip hooray for the Idaho State Fair!

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