Friday, August 5, 2011

Bryn's First "Scouting" Camp

Bryn had been looking forward to her first overnighter scouting trip with dad all week, and she wasn't disappointed! She had so much fun riding the four-wheeler, hiking (even though she got tired and dad had to carry her), looking at deer, and sleeping in the tent.
They made a fire pit and had hot dogs for dinner

They only took one air mattress...can you guess who got it? Every time she would roll over she'd slide off of it and start crying that the rocks were too bumpy! Brady loved it even though he had a rough night in more ways than one!

They got up super early so they could hike back up to the top before sunrise. Brynlee said her favorite part of the trip was watching the sun come up out of the ground. =)

The happy camper and a brand new day

They had a great adventure together! They did find deer and an old abandoned mine shaft too.

When all the excitement was over it didn't take long for dad's princess to fall fast asleep, dreaming of deer I'm sure!

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