Friday, June 7, 2013

Locks of Love

Once upon a time there were two adorable friends who had beautiful long hair...
after being apart for almost a month (their longest separation since they were two years old) they were so happy to be together again! They wanted to make the occasion super memorable
 so they had their moms take them to the hair salon.
Notice the shared flip-flops :)
Bailey the brave went first. With a snip of the scissors and with out a second thought,  
10 inches of that beautiful hair was gone!
A few more snips and Bailey had her a gorgeous new short hair style!
Brynlee followed her friend and climbed up for her turn. 
Another snip of the scissors. Smiles and giggles and another 10 inches of hair!

 A few more snips and whala!....
 Twins with matching short hair!
 With their cute hair and freshly painted nails, the girls headed for their next stop.

 There they mailed 20 inches of their soft shiny hair to Locks of Love so another little girl somewhere can have beautiful hair too!
What sweet little friends and they played happily ever after all weekend!
The end!

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