Sunday, June 30, 2013

Alpine Slide

Whenever we had the Allen family reunion in Park City my cousins and I would have so much fun racing down the Alpine slide! This time my cousins weren't there but my children's cousins were. I was pretty excited for them to keep the tradition alive!
 I never remember the ski lift being scary but with two wiggly boys it kind of was!
We went right over the top of a deer eating in the shade of the trees which made for some extra excitement on the way up.
Jordan and Garrett,
Ridge and Brady,
And Arica all flew down the slide! They were super fast!
Nash had a breezy ride down the slide.
He is working on potty training this summer.
Right when I threw the sled up on the track I heard liquid hitting the pavement behind me.
I turned around quick but there was no stopping it.
Nash had soaking shorts, socks and boots.
Thankfully the man behind us thought it was funny and held up the line while I hurried to strip off Nash's wet things, get his boots back on and get everything situated in the sled!
Nash got some strange looks when he climbed off the slide with a bare bottom
but it didn't slow him down at all! 
 Brynlee the brave! Her first time down the slide and she did it alone!

A new generation of Alpine Slide lovers are born!

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