Thursday, June 9, 2011


The kids had a blast bouncing at Nash's preschool class end of year party!

Nash loves his teachers and we're excited he'll get them again next year!

Nash will miss his Miss Ma-knee (Molly) this summer.

Ridge has super funny scowls

This little man loves to slide, when he gets bored he comes to me and says Mom about 9 or 10 times and after I've said what 9 or 10 times he says "ground, slide" while signing playground and slide. I have to be careful how I respond because if say oh you want to go slide at the playground he says OKAY! and thinks that means we're on our way.

Brynlee can't wait to play at this playground everyday while she's in kindergarten

It cracks me up how Nash tries so hard to get Ridge to slide with him...he says Swee, Swee over and over and when he doesn't come he finally yells Widge and as soon as Widge gets close Nash starts bossing him "sit, sit"

He tries to grab his hand but Swee won't have it he's a little too independent

Nash says the "Ready, Set, Go!"

And their off!

So fun!

These next pictures are from Nash's Friday therapy group, they invited the families to come watch their circle time since it was the last time these four little boys will do their friday therapy together. They have been together for over a year now and are the best sweetest little friends. Nash gets so excited every Friday when we drive to therapy, he says Hunter Caleb and Weston over and over the whole way there and when we walk into the waiting room they yell (lots of loud noises but no discernible words) and hug each other its pretty adorable!

In circle time they sing lots of songs with actions and signs

then they put their pictures on the board and take turns saying who they are

They did Old McDonald for us and told us what the animals are and what they say

They have tummy time while they listen to a story being read

And they love their therapists, so do I! These ladies are amazing, you can tell they love their job by the way they all go the extra mile with these boys! We really appreciate them they do such a fantastic job!

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