Thursday, June 2, 2011

Celebrating 30!

It's true, I'm 30! 30 used to sound old but not anymore, its actually pretty great! To celebrate the big birthday Brady took me on a horseback ride at a beautiful ranch up in the mountains behind Bends.

It was so green and beautiful and had rained the night before so everything was fresh and crisp, perfect for a horseback ride.

I know the helmet looks awesome but when your 30 does it really matter? After the ride I had last time we went horseback riding I just thought it would be best. =)

Brady looks pretty good on a horse, maybe we should get one someday.

Being in the mountains so green and steep and cool with little patches of clouds rolling by we kind of felt like we were in the mountains of Peru.

It was super fun, thanks honey!

Adam and Amber and their family came to celebrate with us and made me a delicious cake.

I had lots of good happy birthday singers and helpers to blow out the candles

It was a great birthday! I am thankful for the 30 years I've been blessed with and can't wait to find out what the next 30 hold!

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Kelli said...

Um, I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday! You're the best VT ever! Sure do love ya.