Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Little Loves

The kids have really been missing Ashlyn and Trey this week, they had so much fun with them.

Trey is well loved! Poor little guy he sure is patient!

Some friends let Brynlee barrow their bike while she earns her own...she has been in heaven, riding it all around is her new favorite thing to do. The above picture was right after her first crash, she popped right up started waving her arms and yelled back at us "Did you see that?! Don't worry I'm alright!"

I'm a little afraid of these birds and was quite nervous about feeding a whole swarm of them, luckily no ones eyes got pecked out!

How can you not love those little faces!

My kids really wanted to pet no that's how you get your eyes pecked out.

Do not try this at home. Kids and dryers should not mix but sometimes they do.

Nash got to celebrate his 4th Birthday at school last week since he has a summer birthday.

Ta-da our proud preschool grad! (Just FYI its Nash's sippy!)

I get a laugh out of this little boy trying to wear his dad's shoes all over the house, they really only slow him down on the stairs.

Brynlee wanted this picture to show how she decorated her bed. She really has a nack for decorating I should have her do the whole house!

Too much fun for Nash! Good night everyone hope you had a happy day!

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