Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nash Is 4!

Happy Birthday to Nash! Our little Nashie Boy has grown into a big boy four year old!

Brynlee has been looking forward to Nash's birthday all summer...she pretty much planned it all, the cake we would make, the things we would do, and what we would give him. She really wanted him to get a swing set because she just knew he would share it! =)

Nash loves Toy Story and asks to watch is almost everyday.

Some of Nash's best pals showed up for the party

I had to take a close up of Woody to show how dearly he is loved. All of these poor little toys get some tough lovin everyday. They fly downstairs, get drug all over the house and yard, take swims in Cassies water, hide in the bushes, slide down tubs and chairs and beds, ride all over in the car, and snuggle with Nash at night. I love watching Nash talk to and interact with these guys, most of what he says is "ready set jump", "ready set slide", or "ready set go." I also love when they play hid and seek. He comes to me and says, "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom (seriously he says it at least 8 times) where Woody, oh no!?" And then he runs and pulls him out from behind the pillows or the box where he's hidden him and just laughs and laughs like its the most hilarious thing ever. As sad as these toys look with their broken ears hands and heads, I think we'll keep them forever because they just have Nash written all over them.

We love this little boy to infinity and beyond!

With Meme's help he blew out all the candles!

He didn't quite get enough frosting off the candlesLuckily there was more on his piece of cake

It's hard to eat it fast enough when it tastes so good!

Mmmmm yum!

After opening his gifts

we read books

played with Woody, Jess, Buzz and "Horse"

and chased around his crazy rocket balloons! I think he had a great day! He is such a good smart boy! Its so fun to watch him grow, he has learned so much in the past year. He knows just how to get us all laughing at the dinner table...he makes sure he has our attention then he does these crazy little things with his arms before he folds them for prayer. Or if he's really feeling silly he says "Watch this!" then he throws his arms up and yells "Nachooooo!" What a fun four year old!

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KIRSTEN said...

Happy Birthday to the BIG BOY! Seems like it was just yesterday, the 6 of us were preggers with our little rug rats :)