Saturday, July 30, 2011

Camping at Willow Flats

While my parents were here we were able to go on a little camping trip at Wilow Flats. It was great to get to see them and to spend some time together! Brynlee had been planning for weeks to take water balloons to camp. Ashlyn ended up being the wettest mostly because she kept popping them on herself!
Rya and sweet baby Trey

Ridge and his Grandpa Allen

In some ways Ridge reminds me of my dad,don't you think they look similar?

Grandma reading books to the kids

5 little monkeys jumping in the truck

My handsome marshmallow roaster

My good boys

And my beautiful sticky girl!

Brynlee found an inch wormShe named him Inchy Bump, you can see why

but then she changed it to just Inchy because Ryan was teasing him and calling him Itchy Bum =)

Very cute dirty little camp faces

Relaxing around the fire if it can be called that with little kids

Inchy Bump aka Itchy Bum provided endless entertainment

inching his way all over everyone

Meme and Grandma

Arica and Garrett

The best hike of Brynlee's life (that's what she kept telling me over and over)

Jordan and Arica's cute family at the springs

Adam and Amber's cute family

My joyful girl and I

Grandpa and Ashlyn (who by the way is the cutest trail singer I know)

Grandpa and the girls

Grandma and the girls

DancingOn TheBridge

Watermelon always tastes best when camping!

We had so much fun being with everyone! Baby Trey looks like he had a blast too!

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