Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rodeo Weekend

For our first stop in Cache Valley we went with the Eddie and Lindee's family, Grandpa Murray and Keaton out to Johnson reservoir for a little fishing and rock throwing. The boys had a blast throwing rocks with Jaxson, they had some close calls but luckily never hit each other.

Cute little Karlee is growing so fast!

It never gets old!

The cropie were biting like crazy!

Later that night we watched the bats swoop down out of the chimney and over the trampoline it was pretty amazing!

The next day we went to the Famous Preston Night Rodeo parade which of course was a hit...

Brynlee practiced the beauty queen wave and got really good at it. In fact she was doing it again yesterday at Costco while she sat on top of two boxes of diapers and I pushed the flat around, she got a lot of compliments from older people, they ate it up...younger people would have loved it too if she had been throwing candy.

Ridge was cracking us up he was so excited about the candy! Every time a handful would come flying his way he would do his little excited dance hoping from one foot to the other trying to decide which piece to pick up first. Usually by the time he decided which piece to go after the older kids had already snatched them up. You have to be quick in the candy collecting business.

Thank goodness for his speedy sharing sister!

Grandpa Murray with the grandkids minus Hadlee who was back at the house.

Trampolines are so fun, especially when you are a kid and jumping doesn't make you need to use the bathroom. =)

Of course it wouldn't be the Famous Preston Night Rodeo without the carnaval
Meme and Nash got to test their strengh

and then it was on to the rides which were way more fun with cousins!

Nash made us all a little nervous when he tried to bail out of the spaceship, we quickly found out that carnaval rides aren't really his thing.

Ridge on the other hand absolutely loved the rides and was determined to go again and again. I got dizzy just watching him.

Nash was happy to hang out by the rodeo bulls.

We had great time! Glad we could get together!

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