Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buddy Walk 2010

Our Buddy!
The 2nd Saturday in October is the annual Buddy Walk in Boise. Across the nation there are more than 300 Buddy Walks in the month of October to promote, create, and support down syndrome awareness. This was our 3rd year joining the walk. We always have a great time and love getting to be with the down syndrome community. What great people! How could you not have a wonderful time?! I love seeing all of the different shapes, sizes, challenges, abilities and talents in the down syndrome community, it is so inspiring and motivating, always a positive experience for me. It's true that down syndrome can cause some negative problems but it also creates so many opportunities for service, understanding, growth and love! We are so blessed and thankful to have Nash and all that he teaches us!
Thanks for coming to walk with us Grandpa Murray!

At the end of the walk they have games for the kids, lunch, entertainment, a raffle, a speech from someone with down syndrome who has accomplish something wonderful and of course music and dancing!

Of course Bryn wanted to do the fishing pond first!

Hope you can join us next year!


Kent and Wendy said...

Nash is a cutie that's for sure!

emily said...

that is so adorable andrea! I wish I would have known and we would have loved to come! your lasagna was a hit the other night..thx again!!!