Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week of Halloween

Brynlee as the "nice and cute" witch of the west

Nacho Nash

Lil Turtle Ridge

We have really had a full week of Halloween with all of the class parties going on someone was dressing up everyday. Here are the boys on dress like your favorite sport day at Nash's school.

Brynlee anticipating her Halloween party at music class

Brady's dream to dress Nash as Nacho Libre finally came true.

Nash's preschool Halloween party

My little witch flying out the door on her broomstick to her preschool Halloween party

on such a windy day she almost lost her hat!

Ridge is pretty fast for a turtle!

Grandma Allen and Great Grandpa Merrill made it just in time for the Trunk-or-Treat

We hope you are all having a great spooky Halloween!


Chris said...

they are all adorable but Nash looks AWESOME!

maggie said...

looks like a fun week! i can't wait to show ron nash's costume. too cute for words!

KIRSTEN said...

I love Nacho Nash ... great costume! All the kiddos look great, but Andrea and Brady ... where are your costumes haha