Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nash's Fieldtrip

Nash's preschool class had their first field trip today. They went to the Farmstead and started out by visiting the animals.

Nashies favorite was the horse (at least until he saw the cow!)

Both of the boys were really excited about the horses, I literally had to peel them away.

I love it when kids get so excited about animals can you see him oohing and aweing?

And trying to feed him.

The cow had to be pretty entertained seeing all the kids squeal and point and moo at it but if it was you couldn't tell.

Little farmer Ridge
They had this really cool jump pillow thing that the kids where going wild on. Nash and Morgan just kept blooping down in on their tummies in the middle of all the jumping. Nash loved it and and kept saying jump, jump for the rest of the field trip.

His cheese makes it look he's scared but he wasn't!

I love watching the kids pick a pumpkin. Nash found the perfect one for him that was just about the size of a baseball, probably why he picked it.

My favorite pumpkins in the patch.

Miss Molly (who is a fantastic teacher) and her darling little class.

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