Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

In just 12 short months, this sweet little babe as grown into this cute little boy...
with birthday breakfast on his face! It seems just like yesterday we were bringing home our beautiful new boy to his super excited big sister and brother. When we got home we all took turns sitting on the couch holding and adoring him. We all still adore him and feel pretty luck if he'll stay still long enough for us to hold him now that he's a big one year old on the go!

The boys started the party by rearranging the pantry.

This was a big job, it took a couple of hours. I was amazed that their attention spans lasted so long. They really love dumping things out and putting them back in. Aren't they cute happy little helpers?!

So proud of their work!

After they put everything they could reach into the buckets we went to Bounce because Ridge told Brynlee that is where he really wanted to go for his birthday,

and its really fun,

and bouncy,

and so fun we could stay for hours!

Eventually we got hungry so we got a birthday pizza and headed back to the farm aka the house to finish the party.

Brynlee couldn't wait for us to get done singing Happy Birthday so Ridge could tear into his cake...

but he has such good manners and is so mild and gentle and sweet

he just licked a little frosting off his finger
and he thought it was pretty good

so he had a little more.
Brynlee tried to help him really get into it but this was all the damage we ended up with.

Grandma Allen came to the party via Skype which was awesome except that she didn't get any cake.

Nash can't believe Ridge is one either!

We sure do love ewe Ridge!
(Yes that is supposed to be a lamb cake!)
Some fun things Ridge is doing:
Saying Mama (my personal favorite!)
Folding his arms when we pray (so adorable)
Standing and balancing on his own then laughing so hard at himself he falls down
Racing Nash up the stairs on all fours
Signing eat and all done
Bopping up and down at any noise that could possibly be music
A funny snort laugh/blowing his nose thing to get our attention
Kicking his legs like wild when he sees dad come home
Crying and trying to protest when outside time is over
Being snugly when he is tired
He sure is a wonderful little boy!

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