Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CJ Strike

Ridge dreaming of the day he'll be using that pole!

Now that we have cooler weather, we thought it would be fun to take the kids on a little camping/sturgeon fishing trip to CJ Strike. It really couldn't have gone better! We had a blast! We arrived on Thursday night set up camp, sang songs, read stories, ate marshmallows and went to bed. Bright and early Friday morning we loaded the boat and headed to the fishing hole. This was our first time on the boat with the kids so I told Brady not to expect too much since I thought the kids would get restless and start throwing things out of the boat...well five and 1/2 hours later we finally had to head back just to get something to eat! They loved it! When we told Brynlee we were going to be fishing for sturgeon, she said no I want to catch a rainbow. Brady set up her pole so she could try even though he had never seen any trout in this river. It turned out Brynlee was the only one who caught a fish that day, and it was a rainbow!

On Saturday morning we went back to the same spot and I caught my first sturgeon! It was great! They are such strong fish, and really know how to put up a fight! The boys were sleeping on the floor of the boat when I was first trying to reel it in, but the sturgeon got close to the boat once and splashed its big tail and got Ridge all wet so he woke up startled and crying which just made it even more exciting. After the struggle to reel it in, I thought I must have caught a 10 footer, seriously my arms where shaking, and it was all I could do just to keep reeling. When I finally got it to the side of the boat it was only about 4 1/2 - 5 feet long, not the 10 foot monster I had imagined, but still by far the biggest fish I have ever caught. It was awesome! Brady videoed the whole event, but of course I forgot the camera that morning, so the only picture we got was this one from Brady's phone.

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