Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just growing & growing & growing!

Ridge is trying to walk every where now. It is seriously cute. Every time I turn around he is just standing up like he turned into a little man all of the sudden. He is very cautious and careful and takes these funny little sides steps when he isn't too sure about his balance. He loves standing up next to Nash, he'll just stand there grinning and I know he's just thinking that he's almost big enough to tackle him and give him a little pay back. He says a great "mom" and a great "all done" and he's really good at speaking Nash, who knows what they say but its cute all the same.

Yesterday when Nash got off the bus I was laughing so hard because he had glue and glitter all over in his hair and he was trying to eat this paper Christmas tree that had marshmallows, fishies, popcorn and cheese ball puffs glued on it. Later we went to the grocery store where he rides in the big part of the cart because Ridge is in the seat part. 10 seconds after we walk in I see his shoes flying across the isle, luckily they didn't hit anyone. I try to keep my cart far enough away from stuff that he can't reach anything but sometimes Brynlee likes to push it a little. While I was picking out apples and bananas, Nash was sampling pears, taking a tiny bite out of each one then putting it back. Needless to say, we left with a bag of pears too. After a few more minutes in the grocery store he was getting really frustrated because I was putting all of the food underneath the basket part where he couldn't get to it so he was throwing a fit and trying to climb out which of course made Ridge want to get out too. Winco needs some of those car carts like Lowe's has or maybe I just need to not grocery shop with my kids. =)

Brynlee's front tooth is soooo loose, it will be dropping out any day now which is what it will have to do since she won't let anyone touch it and she won't try any of the thousand ways she has thought of to pull a tooth out. (Sometimes she reminds me of myself...I swallowed the first tooth I lost because I wouldn't let anyone touch it even when it was hanging by a thread!) Bryn has turned into an early riser lately due to the fact that she can't wait to get up and find the elf. She is getting so good at sounding out words and does it all the time, its so exciting to learn to read! Tonight she said "I can't wait to read books to the boys!" Five minutes later she had both of the boys cuddled up next to her on the floor underneath the rocking chair she tipped over while she "read" them some of the books she has memorized. It was great, she is such a good big sister. No wonder Nash asks for "MieMie" a thousand times every time she is gone to preschool. Then while I was making dinner I heard her go out in the garage, a couple of minutes later she came in with a huge smile on her face and said "Mom I did one of your responsibilities for you, I fed Cassie!" I am so proud of her and so impressed because she thought of doing it all by herself and not only that but she had to open a new bag of dog food! She is getting so big! I always think I want my kids to stay little but its pretty awesome watching them grow.

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It's Alicia's big three-oh on Tuesday so we've set up a blog for her and trying to get lots of birthday messages and memories for her.

If you have a thought, or some pictures you can share, email it to me

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