Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nash Loves Santa

Nash was so excited when Santa came to his preschool party he clapped a hoorayed and pushed all of his little friends toward Santa and then he literally could not leave his side. After awhile I had to run out to the car and get my camera to capture a little of the love.

Apparently he had a lot to fill Santa in on.

He had a nice long visit on his lap
but just kept thinking of more things he needed to tell Santa.

Luckily all of the other kids their parents and the teachers were very patient, Nash was in every single Santa picture that day.

Ridge on the other hand was quite alright keeping his distance from Santa.

Going straight for the good part.

Nash made a great "gingerbread" ice shack. We had a lot of fun at his holiday celebration party and Nash told all of his teachers "kank ewe and maymishmish" at the end!

Then we were supposed to go home together but he was determined to get on the bus which he did and then I went and got him off and then he wasn't so happy but at least he took more than a 15 minute bus ride nap when we got home.

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