Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Snow of the Season

Today was the perfect day to kick off December! It snowed a lot last night (well at least for Meridian) so school was cancelled and the kids I had a fabulous day reading books, decorating the tree, make a gingerbread house, writing letters to Santa, singing and listening to Christmas music and just being happy. The kids were so excited and absolutely adorable! It felt like a heavenly day and it looked like it too with all of the beautiful white snow. Nash oohed and awed at all the snow this morning and when we turned the lights on the tree he gave such an enthusiastic "WOW!" It was awesome! Brynlee chattered non stop about this and that and all of her plans for Christmas and how we should decorate the gingerbread house and how she loves to decorate her room and her tree, what she should write to Santa and how Santa knows if you've been bad or good, and how Nash might be on the naughty list because he pushed Ridge right in front of the elf, (who she named Mr. Peeps this year after Bailey's elf because its name is Mr. Peeps which is a lot better than the name we called it last year which was Creepy, thought of by Brady of course.) Even Ridge could feel all the excitement, he pulled an ornament off the tree and without even realizing it walked all the way over to the couch with it clutched in his chubby hand. His longest walk on his own little legs yet! I think every December 1st should be an official snow day even if there isn't snow. I love days like this.

Nash trying to slide down the driveway. Up above, Bryn with her glove stuck on something.

Brynlee giving Nash ice kisses

And just FYI these pictures aren't from todays snow storm, they were from the first time it snowed, some time right before Thanksgiving!

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emily said...

Brooklyn named our elf "pokadot sparkle lash" So random but I love it! B's bday is next wednesday and i'm pretty sure we are going to go to Bounce around 3:30-4:00ish for a few hours if you want to come. No pressure.