Saturday, December 4, 2010


Brynlee and I were so excited to be able to go see the Nutcracker together this year now that Brynlee is 5. While we were in Utah we had a a special date night that began with a little Christmas shopping, dinner at McDonalds, a visit to Jordan and Arica's and then the Nutcracker ballet at the Ellen Eccles Theater. It was freezing but Bryn was so excited she didn't even notice, with all the skipping and chattering she was doing!

It was such a memorable Nutcracker because Brynlee was so excited about everything. She loved all of the ballet and costumes and being able to look down in the orchestra pit and see the musicians playing their music. My favorite part was when the fairy princesses were dancing in the fake fog at their feet because Brynlee said "Wow mom, this is so magical!" It was magical being at our first ballet together. She is such a sweet girl! I just love all of the passion and enthusiasm she has for life!

Obviously these last two pictures are not of the Nutcracker, but they are so sweet I just stuck them on anyway!

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