Thursday, September 18, 2008

Go Aggies...I mean Broncos?!

Last Friday we thought we would go to the Broncos first home game of the season. It turns out that things are a little different here in Bronco country than we're used to. We noticed Bronco flags flying on every other car the entire day. When got near the stadium we realized we would be parking a couple miles away...I had never seen so many fans at a college game before! The entire parking lot around the stadium and the entire park nearby where full of tailgaters...everyone had their blue and orange Bronco tents set up with big screen TVs and chairs all around. I thought it was weird that so many people were sitting outside of the stadium watching but we soon found out that it was impossible to get tickets to get in! We didn't get to see the game in person, but that's okay because really we are still Aggie fans. We miss the quaint little stadium nestled in the foothills where they can't give the tickets away for a full house! Go Aggies! We hope this year goes better than last!


Monica said...

That is so funny!! That is how football is here!! You have to be a large donor to get season tickets and tickets for a single game are hard to come by!! Texans do not ask IF you are going to the game, they ask "where are you sitting?" It is assumed that you attend all games, high school included!!

Kirsten Carbajal said...

You guys need to come out to the real Bronco country for a game. We can make it a double date:)