Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brynlee Starts School

Brynlee was and still is so excited about joy school...on her first day she asked me about 6o times if it was time to go yet. When is was finally time we went to the car, and when I started buckling her in her car seat she started to protest saying, "Mom! Thought I was supposed to ride the bus!!" I explained that the bus was for the really big kids whose school is far away. I told her I would be dropping her off at joy school. As soon as we pulled into Bailey's driveway she started saying, "Bye Mom, Thanks for dropping me off!" As I was getting her out of her seat she said, "You get back in the car mom." Talk about independent! Luckily she still let me walk her up to the door. She had so much fun now she wants everyday to be a joy school day.

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Kirsten Carbajal said...

Oh, our girls are growing up so fast aren't they :( The only reason Hannah lets me walk her into school, is because I have to sign her in. Otherwise I think she would be leaving me in the dust