Friday, September 12, 2008

The Things She Says

I have a couple funny little conversations to post today. The first one is from last night as I was trying to get Brynlee to go to bed.
Bryn-"Mom I really, really need to eat. I'm so hungry!"
This happens every night when she gets in bed, I'm trying to break the habit, so I tell her too bad she'll have to wait until breakfast. I remind her about all the food she ate for dinner and that she just had a bed time snack 10 minutes ago right before she brushed her teeth. I finish tucking her in and walk out of the room with her still protesting and pleading to eat. Half an hour goes by and she is still yelling down stairs, "Mom I'm hungry I just need to eat!" every 5 seconds with no sign of slowing down or giving in. Finally I march back upstairs, ready to make her stop but when I walk into her room she has her most pitiful look on and she says in her most convincing voice, "Mom I'm so hungry I just need to eat, my body is breaking." How do you say no to that? I gave in. She had some milk and half a cracker and happily reported, "I feel much better my body isn't breaked anymore."

This one was as we were getting in the car this morning.
Me-"Brynlee look at that squirrel."
Bryn-"Ahhh it's so cute. Can we catch it in a bottle and take it home?!"
Me-"Squirrels are too big to live in a bottle."
Bryn-"It's okay, we can just put it in a bottle for a little while to see how it dances. Then I will let it with its family."

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Kirsten Carbajal said...

Kids do say the darnest things. The other night me and Hannah were walking around the lake. This person was approaching us and Hannah yelled out "mom is that a guy or a girl?" If that wasn't bad enough, right after the individual had passed us she said "mom I think that was a girl" Although I was so embarrassed, you really couldn't tell the sex of that person