Thursday, September 18, 2008

Super Powers

Just as I was making myself comfortable next to Brynlee on her bed last night, she realized we had forgotten her most favorite "soft blankey" on the couch downstairs. I knew she wouldn't sleep without it but feeling exhausted I didn't want to move so I told her to go get it. Happy for another opportunity to get out of bed, she bounced down and out the door. Half way down the stairs I heard her foot steps stop...there was a pause then "Mommy come help me be brave." I went to the top of the stairs. She saw me, smiled, turned around, and proceeded to make her way in the still dark downstairs to fetch her precious blanket. We climbed back in her bed with me grinning ear to ear. I love the super powers of motherhood! It's amazing how a mothers presence can make you feel brave, her kiss can heal, her touch soothes, her words give confidence, most days she has more strength and endurance than Heman, and let's not forget those secret eyes she grows in the back of her head! I know because I have a super hero mother. Thanks Brynlee and Nash for teaching me how a mother can have super powers!

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Tiffany said...

Andrea- You are such a good mom! Thanks for your comments about motherhood! They have given me that extra boost to be able to conquer the rest of my day! I think our kids think we can do anything!! I only wish I really had superpowers!!!!