Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lil' Fingerprints

Brady invited some of his co-workers, their wives and families over on Friday night for a little BBQ so the kids and I spent most of the afternoon cleaning and getting things ready. The cake was the last thing we had to do...I took it out of the oven and set it on the counter to cool while I went to change my clothes. When I came back out to kitchen the top picture is what I found. Brynlee must have sensed she was in trouble because before I could even say anything she said, "Don't worry mom I'm just tasting it, its good." And she gave me her infamous "I love you mom!" that she does so well when she knows she's in trouble. It was pretty funny so I snapped a picture and put some extra thick frosting on it. Then I decided to take a picture of the sweet little lotion love notes Brynlee likes to leave on the mirror after I clean it. And just for good measure I took a couple more pictures to explain the little fingerprints all over the sliding glass doors. Sometimes I think it would be nice not to have little messes everywhere, but that would mean no little people and that would be so sad! I really do love all the little messes and fingerprints I find all over, and I even love finding a big pair of socks on the floor by the side of my bed every morning!


Kirsten Carbajal said...

Hey my windows look just like yours :) Got to love those little messy hands

Raylene said...

Your sweet children are sure getting big. My kitchen glass door looks a lot like yours. Thanks for sharing them through your blog. (I need to get some posts on mine:(