Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ridge is Two!

This how Ridge spent the last few hours of his second year of life, peacfully sleeping on my lap like the sweet little boy that he is as we took the red-eye home from Hawaii. He is so adorable I couldn't sleep, I just watched in amazement as he silently turned another year older and waited for him to wake up so I could smooch his darling little cheeks!

Here he is, Ridge Casper Murray the big two year old!

He has such a fun personality, so full of spirit! He isn't talking yet but with all his awesome facial expressions, body language and grunts, it isn't hard to know what he's trying to say.

He was pretty excited about the candles

Ridge absolutely adores his brother and sister. He still cries every morning when we drop them off at Jump Start and school. He is Nash's shadow and is perfectly happy when he can follow his big brother around doing everything and I mean everything he sees Nash do. If Nash coughs, needs a drink, takes a bite of his dinner, says hi to someone, goes outside, gets excited or mad (you get the picture) so does Ridge! They are great litte buddies, so entertaining!

Some of Ridge's other favorites are: wrestling, swinging, running cars across the piano keys, splashing in the tub, playing chase, poking people he likes (that's his way of teasing), pulling Cassies tail, jumping off of furniture, and snuggling (he gives fantastic hugs)!

He really is our doughnut of joy! Brynlee came up with that one =)

All the partying wore these two right out!

Happy Birthday Ridge!

We love you!

PS- Thank you for the cards and gifts, he loves them!

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Michelle said...

Happy Bday RIdge! what a big boy! and i hope hawaii was amazing :) you guys deserved it!
love your family.