Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Picking pumpkins from the patch is just like trick-0r-treating for us! The kids love it!
Nash picked one as big as himself

Ridge had to be rescued a few times from all the vines

Brynlee inspected almost every pumpkin in the patch before she made her choice. She even found a "golden" pumpkin and won a prize!

We had a fun filled Halloween weekend with parties at school, Bryn's b-day party, the trunk-r-treat and trick-r-treating around the neighborhood.

Nash loved being Mr. Incredible. He thought he was pretty awesome. A friend let us borrow his costume. I wasn't sure it he would wear it so when I got home I put on him and set him on the bathroom counter so he could see himself. He was captivated! He couldn't stop looking at himself! He wouldn't get down, he just sat there looking at himself and pointing and saying Nash. When we did finally get him down there was no way he was going to get out of his costume!

The princess pirate loved the trunk-r-treat and did some trick-r-treating at houses that weren't too spooky!

The boys made it too a few of the neighbors houses then went home and had 10 times more fun handing out candy with dad!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!

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