Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kona Ironman

On our way home from the beach we passed this Ironman landmark and quickly pulled over for a picture...then we drove down the energy lab road, it was for sure the ugliest part of the course.

The morning of the Ironman we went down to the swim bright and early so we could watch all of the action and feel the anticipation!

Here are all of the pros at the starting line

Here they are swimming out to the start (the pics got mixed)

And they're off!

Andy Potts was the first one out. He is fast! He patterned his swim stroke after our friend Derek Morris.

Chris Lieto was first to come in off the bike.

It was so fun watching the racers and all of the people watching the race.

Craig Alexander

Julie Dibbens flew on the bike

but ended up having to quit on the run because of her fractured foot.

Two of the very first Ironmen triathletes

Chrissie Wellington

Heather Wurtele. We saw her win the St. George Ironman earlier in the year.

Craig Alexander again

Chrissie again

Mirinda Carfrae

Craig Alexander won for the men and set a new course record

Brady and the finish line

Chrissy won for the women

My favorite part of the day was watching everyone when they finished. Some were elated, some collapsed, some were crying, some were high fiving, some even threw up but all of them were inspiring. They all worked so hard!
Way to go Ironmen!

Mirinda had another incredible performance and took 2nd place

All of the winners were so gracious and kind to each other when they would give their interviews at the end of the race. It was sweet.

We were sitting by some of Chrissie's family at the finish line which was so fun. They were sweating bullets watching the big screen show Mirinda starting to gain on Chrissie in the last few miles of the race but she kept her pace and did it! They went wild!

Simply Amazing

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