Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zoo, Waterfall and the Dairy

Even the Big Island has a zoo...we thought this white tiger was pretty awesome

Not every zoo can grow its own pineapples!

Bryn is such a ham, she wanted her picture by every beautiful flower she found and they certainly weren't hard to find!

One awesome thing about down syndrome is that you have this whole family of people connected by downs and you never know where or when you will get to meet them

but its always exciting when you do...we met this awesome man who was visiting his brother in Hawaii and had fun talking to him and his mom

There are so many beautiful things to see in Hawaii!

(Notice how nicely Bryn is displaying her ukulele, she was a little excited about that too!)

It's not bad waking up to a beautiful sunrise every morning!
No wonder mom and dad haven't come home yet!

Brady was excited to get to go pig hunting on the farm

Nash had fun scaring the cows

It is such a beautiful place to farm, those cows have it good! Poor cows who have to live in the snow!

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