Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Pictures

These are a bunch of random pictures from early fall/late summer that I never posted. So I'm posting them now. Better late than never right? That reminds me. This morning as we were driving Nash to Jump Start I was explaining to Brynlee why we need to be early. I finished by saying, "The early bird gets the worm you know." "Yeah," she said, "and you know what happens to the late bird?" "What?" I asked. "It gets shot by hunters!" she said. I had to look in my review mirror to see if she was really serious. She was! I had a good laugh! Whatever you do, do not be the late bird around our house!

It's always amusing to see where the kids decided to fall asleep
The boys enjoying the last days of summer in the sandbox

and preparing for winter

and wrestling

Brynlee had a fun little Books and Breakfast Back to School Party

Ridge helped himself to the Cool Whip

He is way too cute!

Everyone came in their pj's and brought their favorite book

we read them all and some even read their own! It was a fun way to start the school year!

I posted the pictures from Hawaii but I put them on the days that they actually happened so you"ll have to look back in the beginning of October to see them. I'll try and get pictures from Halloween and Brynlee's birthday posted soon!

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Michelle said...

OH MY gosh!! that lil girl is hillarrrrioius! I bet that is just Brady's dream daughter hahah. Love it . I had a great laugh!
cute pics!! and love that book/breakfast party idea . very fun