Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Valcanos and Lava

The lava tube was amazing, its hard to comprehend how hot that lava must have been!

We took a short little hike up to a lookout point. The kids had fun getting rides and having Grandpa hide behind trees and jump out at them.

We found this cool tree that had fallen down and just kept right on growing!

The lava fields were full of lava hot and black!

The active valcano wasn't supper active while we were there, we could see steam and a nice lava glow in the sky when it got dark. We also went and walked out on the road that had been covered in lava earlier this year and saw all of the little houses that just live out in the middle of black lava fields now.

One funny thing about the big island it that they have wild donkeys, this wasn't one of them, it was just a friendly one trying to give Brady a kiss.

On our last night there, we celebrated all of the kids birthdays with Grandpa and Grandma. We had such a great time visiting, it was so much fun! Thanks mom and dad! We love you!

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